Garrett Rathke (Centura Hills)


Garrett Rathke (Centura Hills)
312 Centura Hills Drive
Cairo, NE
Garrett Rathke (Centura Hills)


Owner/Operator: Garrett Rathke (General Manager)

Years as a professional: 6

Proudest moment as a professional: Returning home to become owner/operator of my home town golf course

Favorite Quote: “Swing hard in case you hit it.” Grandpa Don Johnson

Any other interesting fact or accomplishment as a professional: Blessed to have a great staff, great member support, and a golf course that is one of the best in the state.


Im from Omaha and try and get out their once a year. Staff is as friendly as any in the state.
Mike Peters | April 9, 2017
Best manicure​d and challenging course in the midwest, barr none. Friendly staff and inviting clubhouse. We have had our Corvette club parties in the clubhouse and the hospitality and food was top notch. Want a fun and challenging day of golf, come to Centura Hills. Rex Riedy
Rex Riedy | April 9, 2017

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