Nebraska Women’s Amateur Golf Association

Nebraska Women’s Amateur Golf Association

President of NWAGA Teresa Snoozy:

President of NWAGA Teresa Snoozy






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Our Mission:

“The Nebraska Women’s Amateur Golf Association is an organization of golf clubs and individuals governed by amateur women golfers and formed for the purpose of promoting and conserving the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf for all women in the State of Nebraska. As NWAGA members, your participation and support is integral to NWAGA’s success and will continue to enliven our efforts.”



In 1973, the Nebraska State Women’s Golf Association renamed their organization NWAGA, the Nebraska Women’s Amateur Golf Association. The first executive board meeting as NWAGA was held on September 26, 1973. Several issues were addressed, including the creation of a budget for the up-coming year and the concept of hosting more than one state tournament, such as the addition of a 9-hole state tournament that would be held out-state or the possibility of a partner’s tournament. During the meeting, it was reported that the membership stood at 19 member clubs and 84 individuals.


NWAGA Founders:

Mary Walley
Dorothy Schwartzkopf
Christie Schwartzkopf-Schroff
Jean Hyland
Jan Harley
B. Jo Stiner
Barbara Berger


Past Presidents:

Mary Walley (1973-1975)
Dottie Bowman (1976-1977)
Anna Marie Hanish (1978-1979)
Mac Berkheimer (1980-1982)
Jan Fricke (1983)
Carolyn Ryder (1984-1985)
Dorothy Schwartzkopf (1986)
Susie Lorensen (1987-1988)
Lou Feuerstein (1989-1991)
Marcia Morell (1992)
Verleen Rasgorshek (1993-1995)
Theresa Wanek (1996-1998)
Mary Ann James (1999-2001)
Caryl Cline (2002-2003)
Jane Pohlman (2004-2006)
Bobbie Hopp (2007-2009)
Pam Gallagher (2010-2012)
Michele Gill (2013-2015)
Teresa Snoozy (2016 – present)